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Tips for Board Exams for the Nurses =)
« on: December 07, 2008, 10:55:35 AM »
I thought sharing this... this might help our nurses who are preparing for the exams =)

1) Be sure to check the location of your assigned testing area. Be aware of the travel time, traffic situation and other factors that may delay you on the day of the exam.

2) Check all necessary materials that you will need including your uniform, pencils and ball pens, NOA, receipt, envelopes etc.

3) Sleep early on the night before the exam and when you wake up have a healthy breakfast.

4) Synchronize your watch with your facilitator, keep track of time and manage it wisely.

4) Listen to the facilitator and read the instructions. If you have any questions ask your facilitator and not your co-examinees.

5) Before you start the exam, clarify rules and protocols.

6) Be sure to input your name and other exam details properly, your facilitator will guide you on this.

7) Again, manage your time wisely, don't spend too much time on a question you can't answer. Make an EDUCATED GUESS, this means that you must use your test taking strategies. Cancel unrelated options, use your ABC (airway breathing circulation), use your Maslow's hierarchy of needs, etc. etc. If you finish your test early, go over your answers. Don't leave any questions unanswered.

8) Check if you are shading the right number, you might be shading a number different from the question you are reading. Always be careful.

9) Always remember your goals in life, you are a step away from your goals and dreams. Be confident, now is the chance to show everything that you have learned in school. Whether you make it or not, what's important is to give your best.

10) Pray to God that He may lend you His wisdom and knowledge. Ask Him to guide you on this important day of your life!

Good Luck and may God Bless you! Kaya niyo yan mga Pinoy Nurses =)

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Tips for Board Exams for the Nurses =)
« on: December 07, 2008, 10:55:35 AM »
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Re: Tips for Board Exams for the Nurses =)
« Reply #1 on: August 06, 2010, 07:50:55 AM »
nice post....

iba talaga feeling ng accomplishment pag nakapasa ka....

sino sino na d2 nakapasa?  Anyone

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Re: Tips for Board Exams for the Nurses =)
« Reply #2 on: August 15, 2010, 01:18:26 AM »
sabi nila effective daw yung mga energy drinks? Totoo kaya? lalo na pag nag rereview....

di po ako nurse ha.. engineer po ako... pero yung tip sa taas sobrang helpful po....
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Re: Tips for Board Exams for the Nurses =)
« Reply #3 on: August 15, 2010, 01:23:45 AM »
I think iba iba din ang tip na binibigay nung eto... Share ko lang itong tip na nakapasa din sa board... eto yung sa kanya...

sabi nya...

1. PRAY - You really have to pray and ask some divine intervention. As what my mom has been saying, never stop praying. What I prayed for last time was to eliminate the spirit of panic coz when you panic everything will be lost. All your stock knowledge will be gone. Thats memory block. Now, when you have a tough question and you dont know the answer, say to the Lord "Lord, please answer for me".

2. EAT BREAKFAST - Some people say that you'll gonna have upset stomach during the exam. However, I say its a myth coz I never had one. You need lots of energy to sustain you the whole day. The exam is not just mentally contraining but physical as well coz your vital signs will really increase. I even palpitate during the exam and my hand was numb for awhile that I couldn't write on the answer key. Again, relax and pray.

3. TAKE PHARMATON - This is really my vitamin for the exam even during my NCLEX. It contains vitamins and minerals including ginseng to keep you alert all the day. I was never sleepy during the exam. It cost about P20/capsule.

4. PROPER SHADING - A computer will check the answer key and there's really a difference between counting it manually. So you have to practice shading. Just one stroke about 4-5 strokes will do as long as the whole box is shaded. Not to light and too dark or you might make a hole out of your answer key. If you have sweaty palms just like me, I reccommend that you bring with you a small towel.

5. AVOID ERASURES - As much as possible avoid erasures, if you do use STEDLER ERASER. Its great for erasing coz its not messy.

6. GROUP YOUR ANSWER - In one general situation, there are about 5 subquestions. So what I did was to group my answers according to the main situation and later transfer them to the answer key. That eliminates any unanswered number.

7.USE CHINESE METHOL STICK - This is so good if you are sleepy. You'll apply it on your face just beside the eyes and you'll never sleep away. I tell you. Find out why try it for your self. Haha. Its available at Century Chinese Drugstore at SM.

8. TRADITIONAL WAY - This is so funny coz I dont believe on this but it wont hurt if you give it a try.

        -Wear Something RED - this is lucky charm daw according to Fengshui, but please dont wear red bra's and underwear its an eye sore. A red hanky is enough.

9. STAY IN A HOTEL - I stayed at Apo View Hotel for 2 days to make me relax during the exam with all buffet meals!


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