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Tiibicos  are considered a probiotic drink containing a complex structure of good bacteria and yeast in a matrix of proteins, lipids and sugars. Probiotics refers to the healthy bacteria which feeds on the “bad” unhealthy bacteria in
Our stomach and intestines.

Tibicos mushrooms contain healthy minerals and vitamins, plus all the good bacteria. They contain phosphorous, magnesium and calcium; and the vitamins B, C and K; plus amino acids. In short, tibicos mushroom is a powerful health drink that gives vitality to the body as well as cures myriads of ailments. It is touted to be the best antioxidant-probiotic drink ever available!

Preparation for Tibicos Mushroom
1. Store tibicos mushroom and water (the water must be pure) in a clean glass container. (Do not use soap in cleaning the container, for it has contents that may kill the needed probiotics for our health drink. Use alcohol or distilled white vinegar instead.)
2. Add sugar (preferrably Muscovado) with 1 spoonful of sugar per 3 of Tibicos.
3. Cover the container with a clean cloth and fasten it with a rubber band. This is needed because the Tibicos need oxygen to live.
4. Store the container in an undisturbed area for 24-48 hours.
5. Strain. (Use a plastic strainer, for a stainless one reacts against the Tibicos. Same goes with spoons)
6. Drink. Preferrably at morning and on an empty stomach. If there’s spare drink, store in the refrigirator.
7. Repeat the procedures. However, cleaning the container again or rinsing it may wipe out baby Tibicos. Thus, it’s not advisable. After many repetitions, the Tibicos will have been plenty for you to share with your friends.

Health  benefits of tibicos mushroom:
Cures migraine and headache
Cures insomnia and dizziness
Prevents heart related problems
Controls cholesterol level
Destroys gallstones
Regulates blood pressure
Prevent metastasis
Strengthens bronchial tubes and the lungs
Cures asthma, reduces phlegm and stops cough
Regulates body weight
Cures herpes
Cures eye cataracts
Strengthens the digestive system
Strengthens bladder control
Strengthens bowel control
Eliminates toxins in the digestive syste
Cures arthritis and joint pain
Maintains healthy condition of all the vital organs
Cures diarrhea
Lowers sugar level
Maintains healthy conditions of arteries and veins.

« on: October 02, 2012, 04:22:58 PM »
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saan po ba nakakabili neto?

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sa palengke siguro marami neto..  not sure though sa grocery

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