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Equivalent to a Mini Pharmacy or a Mini Grocery  FIND IT WHY
See this video :

Blue Miracle Super Liquid.DAT

BLUE MIRACLE is a safe, non-toxic, effective, and versatile cleaner. It is a great substitute for commercial detergents  like  shampoo, hair conditioner, facial wash, mouth wash, toothpaste, deodorant, body wash, hand gel, dish-washing cleanser, vegie-wash, rice-wash, feminine wash, pet cleanser to ward off lice and ticks, fertilizer, pesticide, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-microbial detergent, etc.

Product Content
•Sodium carbonate -- the only type of alkaline with strong cleaning powers that helps protect and disinfect the skin.
•High quality coconut oil.
•Sea water from Salt Lake, Utah, USA
•Edible raw materials based on ancient Chinese formulation and Sea Energe, Corp. theory.

Content Facts (125ml bottle)
       •pH 10.7
       •Sodium 1.14%
       •Calcium 0.003%
       •Magnesium 0.10
       •Trace Minerals
           Copper 5.0ppm
           Zinc 20.75 ppm
           Iron 37.7ppm

Product Uses and Instructions:


       To treat dandruff, gray hair, hair, baldness, lice
       1-2 drops mixed with small amount of water

2. Eyedrop        
       To treat sore eyes, cataract, ptyregium
       Mix 1 drop of BM in 1 tbsp of clean mineral water

3. Facial Wash
      To treat pimples, acne, skin discoloration
      2-3 drops mixed with small amount of water

4. Facial Cleanser
      To apply as astringent
      Add 1 drop to 4 parts of water, use cotton

5 Toothpaste  
      To eliminate nicotine, tartar, toothache, bad breath, pyorrhea
      1-2 drops put directly to brush, stingy sensation is normal

6. Deodorant   
      Kills bacteria-causing odor, whitens underarm
      2-3 drops directly to the underarm or armpit

7. Body Wash
      Kills bacteria-causing odor, UV rays protection
      5-6 drops mixed with water, use sponge/net

8. Body Scrub    
      Whitens skin
      Mix with warm water, stay for 10-15 minutes

9. Feminine Wash
      Kills bacteria-causing UTI, itching, dryness
      Mix 3-5 drops into half glass of mineral water.
      Spray inside the vagina using a douche                     
      the cleaning of a part of the body or a body cavity with a jet   
      of water or air)     
      or apply 1-2  drops directly into the area
      There is a feeling of itch or pain after the application when   
      there is presence of bacteria or UTI, which will subside in 
      less than 5 minutes.   
      Repeat the application after 12 hours.   
      Discontinue after it has resolved.

10. Hemorrhoids (Almoranas)
       Heals wound and inflammation
       Mixed  2 drops with 3 liters lukewarm water. [Sit naked on a 
       bowl of two     
       liters  lukewarm water mixed with 2 drops of Blue Miracle   
       until the waterbecomes cold.Then, apply two drops of Blue 
       Miracle directly into the wounds using cotton buds or  your
       clean finger.]

11. Foot SPA  
       Treats athlete's foot, corn, smelly feet
       2 drops mixed with 3 liters lukewarm water

12.  Skin
       Treats allergy, wounds, ap-ap, irritations, varicose, burns,
       insect repellant, mumps, muscle pains,  bee sting
       Depending on the area, put directly to affected area

13.  Ear problem (bungog)
        Treats ear problems, itching, infection, etc
        Put 1 drop to cotton buds and apply                     

14.  Hyperacidity
        Stabilizes acidity due to oily foods and alcohol
        Place 1-2 drops mixed with 1/2 glass lukewarm drinking water

15. Coffee          
        Removes oxidants and pollutants in your coffee.
        Adds trace minerals with  every sip of your   coffee
        Add 1 drop of blue miracle with your coffee. Mix & stir well

16.  Softdrinks & Bottled Water
        Removes acidity of softdrinks. Increases alkalinity of your     
        bottled water up   to pH 9.2 and adds trace minerals to
        replenish your bodily   needs of minerals 
        Add 1 drop of Blue miracle to your drink for every 1 cup. Mix 


Household Use:

1. For Laundry

Mix a small amount of Blue Miracle with water. Soak laundry for about an hour then rinse.
For tough dirt on fabric (e.g. collar and socks), wet soiled area and apply the product directly. Soak fabric for a few minutes, scrub, then rinse. For best results, soak clothes longer. Use warm water to enhance the product's cleaning effect.

There is no unpleasant odor produced, even if clothes are soaked for a few days. the product is a natural disinfectant and can even help maintain the quality and color of the clothes. Blue Miracle helps soften clothes.
The product has strong cleansing effect. It produces fewer bubbles and leaves no residue, making it easy to wash off. The product contains fast-decomposing properties. It contains no fluorescent and bleaching agents. It cleans clothes naturally. Blue Miracle cleans clothes thoroughly. It is even capable of washing out fluorescent agents from clothes' surface, caused by regular detergents. It deeply penetrates clothing while bringing back the fabric's original color. The product is very economical to use. It helps save water, electricity, time, and effort.

2. For Kitchenwares

Scrub pots and pans with Blue Miracle. For tough dirt, apply Blue Miracle on surface and let it stand for 5 minutes before wiping off.

3. For Fruits and Vegetables

Mix 2000cc water with 2 g. Blue Miracle. Soak fruits and vegetables in mixture.

Pesticide and fertilizer present in fruits and vegetables are decomposed. Freshness of produce is enhanced. Harmful micro-organisms are removed from vegetables.

4. For Any Surface (e.g. stainless, enamel, brick, marble, etc.)

Blue Miracle may be diluted before using or may be applied directly on surface, while scrubbing.

Surfaces become clean and shiny.
The product helps remove any unpleasant odor and creates a protective shield from dirt or stains.
Bl ue Miracle repels insects and prevents corrosion/rust formation and tough dirt build-up.

5. For Heavy-stained Equipment (e.g. exhaust fans)

Scrub out layers of tough dirt/grease from equipment then spray with Blue Miracle (liquid form). Leave for 5 minutes, then rinse and clean.

Blue Miracle can decompose tough oil build-up on equipment. Its strong cleaning power is enhanced six times if mixed with 40C water.

6. For Repelling Insects (i.e., as substitute for insecticide)

Dissolve 1 gm of Blue Miracle in 1000 cc water.
Apply Blue Miracle on insect-infested areas.

7. For Kitchen/Bathroom Furniture and Fixtures

Toilet bowl -- Apply or spray (i.e. Blue Miracle in liquid form) the product direc tly. Leave overnight, scrub and clean the following day.
Bath tub, sink, and faucet -- Apply the product (in powder or liquid form) on surface to be cleaned, scrub, then rinse.

The product provides a protective shield and keeps surfaces clean and shiny.
It protects enamel surfaces and prevents dirt build-up.
It removes stains, cleans, disinfects, and deodorizes.
8. For Floors and Carpets

Floors -- Mix 1/4 teaspoon (approximately 5g) of Blue Miracle with water and apply on surface.
Carpets -- Apply the product directly or mix with water for washing.

The product provides a protective shield and keeps tiles clean and shiny.
It has strong cleaning power. It leaves no chemical residue and produces lower bubbles.
It eliminates insects and household pests.
It has natural disinfecting properties that kills germs, prevents mold formation.
It gives carpets a gentle and smooth texture.

9. For Dry-Clean (e.g. carpet, shoes, car interiors, walls)

Slightly wet brush and dip in Blue Miracle powder, then scrub on surface.

Using the product saves time.
It cleans tough dirt. It is also ideal to use in humid areas.

10. For glass/glassware (e.g. eye glasses, windows, glass tables, car windows/windshield)[/b]

Dilute powder. Spray/apply mixture on glass windows and doors. Apply powder directly to remove tough dirt.
Use 5g - 10g of powder in car's windshield washer/fluid reservoir for effective cleaning.

11. More Uses:
    Vegies, meats, fish - (removes chemical residue & harmful micro-   
         organisms) 5-6 drops with 1 liter water.
    Rice - (washes out chemicals, dirts) 2-3 drops mixed with water.
    Pets - (kills fleas, eliminates odor, improves skin/hair) 5-10   
          drops mixed with water, let stand for 5 minutes, rinse.

Manufactured by :
Sea Energe Environmental Ind.Co.
No. 428 Rong-ming Rd., chung-li,320 Taoyuan Taiwan
Registered under BFAD( Philippines)
BFAD No 3648 RDI-MM-HHS/1-208

For more info :
call/text 09164711706 globe
          09324983197 Sun
          09295954814 Smart
          4772368/7754894 Pldt Landline
 email ad :
For Orders: Send msg above or call our pldt landline. 
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Nice :D

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Mukhang ok eto a.. All in one na lahat pwede.


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