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What is Nutrition?
« on: May 17, 2014, 01:12:09 PM »
Nutrition, nourishment, or aliment, is the supply of materials - food - required by organisms and cells to stay alive. In science and human medicine, nutrition is the science or practice of consuming and utilizing foods.

In hospitals, nutrition may refer to the food requirements of patients, including nutritional solutions delivered via an IV (intravenous) or IG (intragastric) tube.

Nutritional science studies how the body breaks food down (catabolism) and repairs and creates cells and tissue (anabolism) - catabolism and anabolism = metabolism. Nutritional science also examines how the body responds to food. In other words, "nutritional science investigates the metabolic and physiological responses of the body to diet".

As molecular biology, biochemistry and genetics advance, nutrition has become more focused on the steps of biochemical sequences through which substances inside us and other living organisms are transformed from one form to another - metabolism and metabolic pathways.

Some Interesting articles which can be discussed about nutrition can be the following.

What Is Malnutrition? What Causes Malnutrition?

What Is My Ideal Weight? How Much Should I Weigh?

What is fiber? What is dietary fiber? Fiber rich foods.

What Are Carbohydrates? What Is Glucose?

What is fat? How much fat should I eat?

What are electrolytes?

What is a balanced fluid intake?

What is Anorexia? What is Bulimia?

What are the eight most popular diets today? Nutrition also focuses on how diseases, conditions and problems can be prevented or lessened with a healthy diet.

Nutrition also involves identifying how certain diseases, conditions or problems may be caused by dietary factors, such as poor diet (malnutrition), food allergies, metabolic diseases, etc.

Did you know that when you take up BS Nutrition, you need to take an final review and be certified nutritionist?

What is Nutrition?
« on: May 17, 2014, 01:12:09 PM »
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Re: What is Nutrition?
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true enough!


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