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How hoarse voice or no voice generates
« on: February 27, 2009, 09:58:28 PM »
Vocal cord nodules and polyps are noncancerous (benign) growths that cause hoarseness and a breathy voice.

Video Stroboscopy of the Vocal Cords

When relaxed, the vocal cords normally form a V-shaped opening that allows air to pass freely through to the trachea. The cords open when air is drawn into the lungs (inspiration) and close during swallowing or speech

Vocal cord polyps are often the result of an acute injury (such as from shouting at a football game) and typically occur on only one vocal cord. Vocal cord nodules occur on both vocal cords and result mainly from abuse of the voice (habitual yelling, singing, or shouting or using an unnaturally low frequency).

Symptoms include chronic hoarseness and a breathy voice, which tend to develop over days to weeks. A doctor makes the diagnosis by examining the vocal cords with a thin, flexible viewing tube. Sometimes the doctor removes a small piece of tissue for examination under a microscope (biopsy) to make sure the growth is not cancerous (malignant

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How hoarse voice or no voice generates
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