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The Use of Derma Roller FAQ
« on: February 15, 2009, 09:07:15 PM »
Dermaroller FAQ

1.The Dermaroller is punching little holes in my skin . Isn´t there the danger that too much applied substance will penetrate the skin and go into my bloodstream ?
No - this is a misconception how the Dermaroller works. First you have to understand that there are several different versions of the Dermaroller available. Each version has a different length of the penetrating needles and different angles. For our purpose we are using version C-8 which has 192 needles in an angle of 15° and a needle length of 0.13 mm. This version is designed to punch holes in the stratum corneum but not through this skin layer. The intention of version C-8 is " to improve the deposition of drugs into the stratum corneum". Other versions with longer needles and steeper angles will enhance transdermal penetration which is desired for some drugs. The study by the University of Marburg, Germany shows that after the use of version C-8 there were no higher depositions of substances in the deeper skin layers.

2.What exactly happens on my skin after using the Dermaroller ?
After you have applied a liposomal substance and rolled a couple of times three things happen. Some liposomes are trying to penetrate your skin using the hair follicle shaft as a pathway. Other liposomes are directly pushed by the force of the Dermaroller into the stratum corneum. From there they diffuse further. We will talk about that later. The remaining liposomes on your skin are using the holes made by the Dermaroller to penetrate into the stratum corneum. The study shows that these liposomes are delivering the best results.

The stratum corneum is the outer layer of the epidermis. (Three top layers on the picture above ) The Dermaroller C-8 is designed to puncture this layer - not deeper. So there is no danger of a significantly enhanced penetration into the lower dermis and the bloodstream.

3.Why liposomes ? Will the Dermaroller work with non-liposomal substances too ?

Liposomes are already designed to penetrate the skin. They work by their special small size less than 600 nm and their lipophilicity. And liposomes are specifically targeting the sebaceous glands which is important for the delivery of anti-hairloss drugs. Liposomes that penetrate the stratum corneum have the potential to interact with living tissue. Topically applied liposomes can either mix with the stratum corneum lipid matrix or penetrate the stratum corneum by exploiting the lipid-water interface of the intercellular matrix. There are at least four major routes of entry into the skin: pores, hair follicles, columnular spaces and the lipid:water matrix between squames.A major force driving liposome penetration is the water gradient and flexible liposomes are best able to exploit these delivery opportunities. This rather quick penetration process seemed to follow distinct pathways along the epidermis and the upper dermis, notably the hair follicle route
Recent studies show that sometimes only liposomal encapsulated substances are able to reach the hair follicle, f.e. melanin. Liposomes were loaded with melanin and applied to the skin. They were able to reach the hair follicle and re-color graying hair.
But back to the question. Liposomes have the ability to target the pilosebaceous unit. The hair follicle, hair shaft and sebaceous gland are collectively known as the pilosebaceous unit. The pilosebaceous unit is a complex, dynamic, 3-D structure, which is the site of unique biochemical, metabolical and immunological events. So by the use of liposomes and the Dermaroller nearly 100 % of the applied liposomes will try to target the pilosebaceous unit. Some liposomes by using the hair shaft, others by being pushed into the stratum corneum and then targeting the sebaceous gland and the remaining ones by using the holes being punched by the Dermaroller. This explains why the use of the Dermaroller improves the penetration ability of the liposomes so significantly.
The molecular size of regular non-liposomal  substances is often too big to penetrate the skin. They rely on alcohol ethoxylates to improve skin penetration of active ingredients. The interesting question is how alcohol improves skin penetration ? There are two theories. First - the alcohol evaporates fast and concentrates the drug in the residual formulation that remains on the skin. Some thermodynamic activity will drive the drug into the stratum corneum. Second - the alcohol alters the physical integrity of the stratum corneum barrier resulting in an increase in the abilty of the drug to penetrate the skin. Both ways to penetrate are rather mechanical ways. So it is a good guess to say that the "ultimate" mechanical way to penetrate skin - to punch holes in it - will benefit most non-liposomal substances too. The unknown part is the high amount of alcohol and glycol in commercial preparations. Pushing them into the stratum corneum might result in extremely dry skin. We have tried the Dermaroller with pure isopropy alcohol for several weeks without any adverse side effects.
Our guess is that most substances will significantly improve their skin penetration ability with the Dermaroller but not as good as with liposomal preparations because of their pilosebaceous targeting effects.

4.How do I maintain the Dermaroller ? How long can I use the Dermaroller ?

The needles will become blunt after several months of use. We recommend to use a new roller after 3-4 months. To keep the roller germ free we recommend to keep the head in isopropyl alcohol all the time. The roller comes with a special box which can be used for that. Just fill in enough alcohol to cover the head. Shortly before use just rinse the head with water. The roller can and should be washed in a regular dishwasher every 7 days. The high water temperature and the detergents are ideal to clean the roller head. Maintaining a clean head is especially important if you use the roller for creamy substances like MGF, Spirolotion or simular...

5.How much pressure should be applied ?
The Dermaroller sounds much more scary than the device actual is. The needles are so small that you won´t feel anything more than a little tickle. Use medium pressure and don´t be too shy. A little bit of force is necessary that the needles can do their work.

6.Is there a risk of skin damage after using the Dermaroller for a long time ?

The stratum corneum is extremely tough and flexible. The tiny holes made by the roller disappear in minutes. You can use the roller daily without any damage to your skin. Do not use the roller if the skin is already damaged by injury or sunburn.

7.Are there other things I can use the roller for ?
Yes - keep in mind this device was created for all kind of liposomal cosmetic substances ( creams,lotions a.s.o ) You will significantly improve the effect of an for example anti-wrinkle lotion. We have customers who use the roller in combination with a liposomal zinc preparation ( Lipozyt ) to fight acne. Skin patches as nicotine, testosterone or androstenedione are much more effective .The list of possible use is endless.

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The Use of Derma Roller FAQ
« on: February 15, 2009, 09:07:15 PM »
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Re: The Use of Derma Roller FAQ
« Reply #1 on: February 16, 2009, 09:11:03 PM »
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Re: The Use of Derma Roller FAQ
« Reply #2 on: February 17, 2009, 06:53:07 AM »
Hello po..

how much po tong derma roller nyo?
is it really safe po?


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