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Did you hear the news?

source: Dennis "dSource" Guillermo |

According to our highly respected and longtime sportscaster friend Chino Trinidad, who is currently in LA covering Manny Pacquiao's training camp for the GMA network in the Philippines.

Philippine media was banned from interviewing Floyd Mayweather Jr. during his press conference at the Nokia Theater in LA to promote his May 1 fight against Shane Mosley.

Maybe Floyd thinks the Filipino media is on A-Side meth or steroids too that's why he's ducking them like he is ducking Pacquiao.

According to Chino, he waited in line together with another Filipino media personnel to be taken up the stage from the back by the publicists. He wondered why it was only he and fellow Pinoy Jason Pimentel remaining when Floyd and Shane were almost done.

Finally when Chino got up the stage, he looked for Floyd immediately but was told by a lady named Kelly Swanson that he can't interview Floyd because he refuses to talk about Pacquiao close to the fight. Chino was baffled at the incident and that some people were crying out racism. He also told me that this was the first time in his many years of covering sports, from the NBA to the Olympics to all the many big events he has participated in, that he has ever been denied to interview somebody and is still in shock regarding the incident.

First of all, my take on that is that it's a load of BS. Floyd has been saying so much crap abut Manny Pacquiao on a regular basis. How can they turn away a group of media men based on their ethnicity? I guess there's a reason people call him KFC. He ducks even media now too. I wonder if he gets nightmares of Pacquiao and Filipinos as he tries to shoot em ala Scarface with his machine gun only to watch the bullets (in Roger's words) "bounce off their azzes".

I truly wonder why Floyd doesn't want to field questions from the Philippine media.

Is it because he is afraid to answer their questions? Maybe he is avoiding the truth? Or perhaps he simply can dish it out but he can't take it himself (I'm talking about questioning other people).

Regardless though, to me, this is a SLAP IN THE FACE to all Filipinos. Not only has this guy repeatedly disrespected Filipinos by his ridiculous insinuations on top of his statements encouraging America to alienate themselves from the alien from the Philippines simply because he is not an American citizen.

It takes me back to my experience trying to interview Floyd Mayweather Sr. wherein the guy said some rude things to me on the phone then hung up. If you want to know what exactly he told me, it sounded something like, "Oh it's the jokester! I don't do interviews with haroogah-buga- hawbruga- wabrooboo!" then he hung up. No he wasn't speaking an alien or foreign language, but you know how that guy talks like he's on some drugs or something. I simply could not understand 70% of whatever he is trying to say. Then again, it's probably for the best as he hardly makes sense when he does anyway.

Why won't you want to talk to the Filipino media Floyd? Are you saying Filipino Par-Per-View buys don't matter to you? What's the matter Money Mayweather?

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Re: Philippine media BANNED from interviewing Floyd Mayweather Jr.
« Reply #1 on: April 11, 2010, 08:06:49 AM »
oo i agree... dapat nga noon pa nila ginawa yan e...

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